The current program of the conference

The current program of the conference is in these files pdf or doc.

Please contact the organizers if you see some collisions with your schedule.

April 13

9.30—10.20 Registration, coffee
10.20—10.30 Opening the conference
10.30—11.10 Vladimir V. Kornyak Combinatorics of discrete dynamical models
11.10—11.50 Bruno Buchberger A New Algorithm for Computing Gröbner Bases Using Generalized Sylvester Matrices
11.50—12.20 Gaiane Panina, Alena Zhukova Discrete Morse theory for the moduli space of a flexible polygon, or trictrac game on the circle
12-30—13.00 TBA
13.10—15.00 Lunch
15.00—15.30 Nikolai V. Proskurin Short summary on numerical computation of zeros of
15.30—16.00 Yury A. Blinkov, P. V. Fokin SAT problems solved with ZDD diagrams
16.00—16.30 Coffee break
16.30—17.00 Boris Kazarnovski Product of cocycles of polyhedral complexes in convex and tropical gemetry
17.00—17.30 Alexander B. Batkhin, Alexander D. Bruno Investigation of a Real Algebraic Surface
17.30—18.00 Yuri A. Blinkov, Artyom V. Mesyanzhin, Oksana M. Romakina Gröbner Bases and Generation of Difference Schemes for Shallow Water Equations

April 14

10.00—10.50 Vladimir P. Gerdt Hidden Lagrangian constraints and differential Thomas decomposition
11.50—11.20 Coffee break
11.20—11.50 Vladimir P. Gerdt, Dmitry A. Lyakhov Linearization of ODEs: algorithmic approach
11.50—12.20 Natalia Iyudu Three dimensional Sklyanin algebras and Gröbner bases
12.20—13.00 Mikhail D. Malykh On Integration of the Differential Equations In Finite Terms and Their Numerical Solutions
13.00—15.00 Lunch
15.00—15.30 Vladimir Gerdt , Arsen A Khvedelidze, Yuri Palii О пространстве запутанности смешанных X-состояний 2-х кубитов
15.30—16.00 Sergey Yu. Slavyanov On polynomial degree reduction of a fuchsian $2\times 2$ system
16.00—16.30 Coffee break
16.30—17.00 Andrei Malyutin Satellite knots strike back
17.00—17.30 Sergei D. Meshveliani On provable programs for list processing
17.30—18.00 Fedor Petrov Number of paths in graded graphs and polynomial identities
18.00—18.30 Natasha Malaschonok The Laplace transform method for solving differential equations with delayed argument
19.00 "BAROCQUE MUSIC CONCERT The soloists of Catherine the Great".
Euler Institute.

April 15

10.00—10.50 Dima Grigoriev Bounds in tropical geometry: between complex and real
10.50—11.30 Alkiviadis G. Akritas Various Methods for Computing Subresultant Polynomial Remainder Sequences (PRS's)
11.30—12.00 Coffee break
12.00—12.30 Anatol Slissenko On the entropy convergence of algorithms
12.30—13.00 Maxim Karev Klein weight systems
13.00—13.30 Mikhail V.Babich On birational canonical parameterisation of (co)adjoint orbits of classical groups
13.30—15.00 Lunch
15.00—15.30 Gennadi Malaschonok, Anton Scherbinin New Type of Triangular Matrix Decomposition
15.30—16.00 Semjon Adlaj New unexpected solutions to well-known differential equations
16.10—16.30 Alexander B. Batkhin On the Structure of Discriminant Set of Real Polynomial
16.30—17.00 Coffee break
17.00—17.30 Alexandr V. Seliverstov Cubic hypersurfaces with an odd number of singular points
17.30—18.00 Sirgey Kireev, Gennadi Malaschonok Tropical mathematics in Math Partner
18.00—18.20 Sergei Pozdniakov, Vasiliy Akimushkin Computer enhanced Olympiad in theoretical informatics and discrete mathematics

April 16

10.00—10.40 Ernst W. Mayr, Stefan Toman The Complexity of the Membership Problem for Radical Binomial Ideals
10.40—11.10 Alexander L. Chistov Fundamental result in theory of computation with parameters
11.10—11.20 Coffee break
11.20—11.50 Mark Spivakovsky On the Local Uniformization Problem in Arbitrary Characteristic
11.50—12.20 Anatoly Vershik Universal combinatorial filtrations and action of discrete groups
12.20—14.20 Lunch
Bus Excursion around St.Petersburg and visit to The General Staff Building.
The bus will start from the Euler Institute at 14:15
19.00 Banquet

April 17

10.00—10.40 Stephen Watt Algorithms for Symbolic Polynomials, Matrices and Domains
10.40—11.10 Alexander Tiskin The seaweed monoid: an algebraic superglue for string comparison
11.10—11.40 Coffee break
11.40—12.25 Nikolai Vavilov Decomposition of unipotents, revisited.
12.25—13.00 Ilya Nekrasov, Gaiane Panina Volume and lattice points counting for the cyclopermutohedron
13.00—15.00 Lunch
15.00—15.30 Aleksandr Myllari, Nikita Gogin Some Properties of Fibonacci and Padovan Polynomials
15.30—16.00 Vasily Duzhin, Nikolay Vasilyev Computation of maximal dimensions of irreducible representations of symmetric groups Sn
16.00—16.30 Coffee break
16.30—17.00 Ronen Peretz Fractals and the two dimensional Jacobian Conjecture

April 18

10.00—10.30 Victor F. Edneral Searching for integrability of Algaba's System
10.30—11.00 Vladimir P. Gerdt, Yury A. Blinkov Pairwise involutive division defined in terms of reduced monomial Grobner basis
11.00—11.30 Yury A. Blinkov, Vladimir P. Gerdt Package PyGInv
11.30—12.00 Coffee break
12.00—12.30 Stephen Watt, Vadim Mazalov A Distance-Based Model for High Frequency Trading
12.30—13.00 Ilya Krepkiy Sandpile groups: properties and calculation in context of matroids
13.00—13.30 Valentin Zaitsev, Lidiya Linchuk, Alexander Flegontov About Local and Nonlocal Symmetries and Inverse Problems for Ordinary Differential Equations
Closing of the Conference, coffee